…liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to (us) but pretend that they are smiling… liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure (us), and as (we) run from the growling wolf, (we) flee into the open jaws of the “smiling” fox.

Excerpt from Malcom X’ speech, (1963)

Hello to my fellow political junkies and politically apathetic friends who have awoken from a deep slumber to $35 chicken thighs, bewildered and surprised, wondering, “what… the… f*ck?”

It seems like I have gone on forever talking about love and women’s empowerment these past few weeks. I assure you I haven’t forgotten about you, my politically savvy, conspiracy-driven, tenacious friends. One of my besties recently said to me, “If your writing were a knife,” and let me tell you, my words are sharp and vicious for the one who has failed our country (Canada), and I’m ready to draw blood. I’m being metaphorical, of course; please do not blocklist me. So to you, my beautiful “woke” minds; this one’s for you.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to highlight the flaws of the Liberal Party of Canada and their leader. This is a two-part post, and we’ll cover the Conservatives in part two. Thank you for holding off on your “whataboutisms” and for your patience.

If history taught us anything

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is a celebrity worldwide but an imbecile in his home country. Someone had to say it, and I’m not sorry for being the one to say it. Save the virtue-signalling “name-calling discredits your views” speech; there comes a time when we have to call someone for who they are, and Trudeau is indeed an imbecile. I’ve had six Prime Ministers in my lifetime and read about all the ones who preceded my birth, and I can say with the utmost confidence that there hasn’t been a bigger bobblehead than Justin Trudeau. He EVEN out-bobbled Brian Mulroney, for crying out loud! HOW DOES ONE OUT-BOBBLE BRIAN MULRONEY?! I mean, the guy, Brian, barely survived two terms, was labelled the GST taxman monster, was caught with bribe money in his pants and ungraciously resigned as Prime Minister (alleged bribery, but evidence of this emerged years later in 2007). Yet, in all his glory, Trudeau stood with his chest puffed and said to us all with his illiterate Liberal jargon, “I can be a bigger idiot!” I can’t even. I know, I know, you all want facts, so here goes.

Sunny ways, sunny ways

The year 2015 was a pivotal point in Canada’s political fabric. Economically, the waters were relatively calm and dull, stagnant and unexciting like a pond on a quiet hot summer’s night. There were no signs of significant growth or stimulation, and people were not getting the instant gratifying high from achieving monetary goals. Sure, gas prices were hovering between 95 and 99 cents a litre, and groceries were relatively affordable, but immigration was slow, so growth was almost non-existent. Socially, then Prime Minister Stephen Harper was slashing budgets left-right-and-centre. He took away some of the national perks we get through paying taxes, such as childcare, business tax rebates, agricultural subsidies, and at a federal level, healthcare benefits. However, more dangerous than the loss of our social programs was Harper’s irrational fear of Islam and terrorist groups associated with Islam which he projected on Canadians during his final years in office. Irrational fear is a foundational source of racism, and in Harper’s case, it led to Bill C-24 (2014), which further put into effect The Second Class Citizenship Act (2015). Suddenly, we were all suspected of being part of ISIS, and the Canadian Security Intelligence Services — under Harper’s leadership — was instructed to listen in on “Muslim” phone conversations. The fear he instilled in Canadians was so bad it incited violence against non-White citizens across the country. Black and Brown folks, Muslim or non-Muslim, were being targeted, harassed and even murdered; for example, the Quebec City mosque mass shooting in 2017 (six years ago today, actually).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being Canadian, we really don’t like living in fear. It’s just such a pain to go through life afraid. We like bliss, peace, and love-thy-neighbour vibes. We just want to be polite to each other. NOT nice like our American friends think, but more like a… passively-aggressively-smile-a-little-and-don’t-touch-me kind of polite. Therefore, it should be no surprise that during the 2015 federal elections, Justin Trudeau, in his knight-and-shining armour, rode in with a big white horse and swooped Canadian votes, winning an impressive majority government! I mean, who could resist that luscious hair, square jawline, impeccable pearly teeth, talks of peace, gender and racial equality, repealing Bill C-24, budgets magically balancing themselves, and best of all, his VOW for electoral reform! It also helped he was Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s little boy! People reminisced about the Trudeau Sr. days in the 80s and thought, like father like son perhaps? Furthermore, it’s my experience that Canadians get bored of a Prime Minister after eight years and crave fresh blood. If elections were held on the Tinder dating app, every Canadian and their mother would swipe right on a man who looked “good on paper.”

“But he was so nice, sweet and perfect at the beginning!” Barf…

The higher the high, the more frequent the lows

Can we blame ourselves for voting for Trudeau after Harper? We didn’t have much choice. Our options were: continuing to live in fear, a pretty face with a false promise that we hoped could be real, the free-shit-for-everyone-except-we’ll-hike-your-taxes-for-it party, and the delusional Greens (who are secretly racist, but really, it’s no secret). I don’t trust anyone who thinks the budget could balance itself. I’ve belted this out MANY times, as you know. But what choice did we have? Also, I’m convinced Harper threw the election because he was tired, and his marriage was allegedly hanging by a thread. So, we voted and gave this idiot a chance to make good on his promises, the first being gender equality in politics.

As a linguist, I hate nothing more than political responses that lack substance. Justin Trudeau’s ability to beat around the bush or answer a direct question with a baseless response without any meaning is quite impressive. Unfortunately, that is the extent of his competence — or lack thereof — as a politician. When asked why he selected an equal number of men and women in his Cabinet, he said, “Because it’s 2015,” suggesting that in 2015 we only care about meeting a quota. I find this particularly offensive as a woman, reducing women to nothing more than a number. A real feminist would have replied:

“One of our priorities and promises to Canada was to diversify Cabinet and invite more women to the table. Another priority was to ensure people with the right skills and talent made up our Cabinet. As such, we reviewed everyone’s dossiers, and with both priorities in mind, we did our best to meet both criteria. The people you see standing here today are public servants willing and able to bring forth a better Canada, and I couldn’t be more proud of the people we selected to serve you.” 

I’m not suited to lead a country, but how is it difficult for this moron to formulate a common-sensical response? It’s because he isn’t qualified, either. I wouldn’t even trust Trudeau to look after my cactus.

When people have a leader who drugs them with beautiful adjectives and adverbs, who tugs at their emotional heartstrings and says all the right things, they miss all the red flags, especially in that honeymoon stage shortly after an election. Much like a toxic love interest, people mistake these words of affirmation and social justice speeches or substant-lacking responses for competence and are charmed by their charisma. After almost ten years of dull old Harper, Trudeau was the exciting bad-ass boyfriend riding in with his Harley Davidson motorcycle asking us if we wanted to go for a joy ride. And like the idiots we are, we blushed and eagerly jumped on without knowing the road onto which he was about to take us.

I’ve written many blog posts on this man’s inability to answer a question, so I’ll save you all from my ongoing rant. But I’ll leave you with one of my favourites about Women in Construction, considering I work in the Construction Tech industry.

Justin Trudeau brushes off a woman’s question during a town hall event in Regina, SK, (2019)

Let’s get into the weeds of why Justin Trudeau needs to resign, like, yesterday.

If closeted skeletons could speak

If I had to write out all the scandals in which Trudeau and this government have found themselves, this blog would never end. So I’m going to highlight the top three — in my opinion — Canadians should no longer ignore when considering who to vote for at the next federal election.

Diversity is our strength: The liberal war on women in Cabinet

Justin Trudeau started his first term in 2015 with 15 women in his Cabinet. He stressed the importance of a gender-balanced cabinet because “it was 2015,” duh. He also boasted about how much of a feminist and an ally to women he is. Similar to someone who constantly has to mention they’re not racist when they actually are, someone who repeatedly tells you they’re a feminist is more likely NOT. So began this façade of how much Trudeau and his government administration value women in politics and strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment.

Jody Wilson-Reybould was first honoured with one of the most prestigious roles in Cabinet in 2015 as Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. I’m not going to sit here and convince you she was perfect since nobody is. However, when push came to shove in 2019, she chose her integrity over saving the reputation of a Canadian multibillion-dollar company involved in global bribery and corruption scandals to win contracts. Long story short, Trudeau pressured her to interfere in the judicial process and find a way to stop their prosecution. He demoted her to Minister of Veterans Affairs when she refused and excluded her from critical decision-making discussions. Her peers equally toxified the workplace, which led to her eventually leaving the Liberal Party altogether. In 2019, the Ethics Commissioner, Mario Dion, at the time, found Trudeau guilty of violating the Conflict of Interest law for public holders (Britannica).

Jane Philpott was among the 15 women appointed to Cabinet in 2015. She was the Minister of Health (rightfully, so, might I add — finally a doctor in the house!) and later, in 2019, was appointed as the Cabinet’s President of the Treasury Board. A couple of months after her new appointment, Jane voluntarily resigned from her position. She left the Liberal Party to become an Independent MP (Member of Parliament) on principle and in support of Jody Wilson-Reybould. In her resignation, she stated, “A minister must always be prepared to defend other ministers publicly and must speak in support of the government and its policies… Given this convention and the current circumstances, it is untenable for me to continue to serve as a cabinet minister.” (National Post, 2019).

It’s not enough that Justin’s behaviour towards the women in his Cabinet was inherently sexist; his losing Celina Caesar-Chevannes soon after Wilson-Reybould and Philpott was a clear indication — for me — of his micro-aggression and underlying racism. Racism is usually perceived as a visible action through words, visual (illustrations), or physical abuse. In most cases, we overlook passive racism, for example, “tokenizing” a person of colour and using them to show others that the user is “not racist.” Celina was not assigned a significant role during her time as MP. Rather, she was used for her blackness to be the face of the Liberal Party of Canada in events that involved celebrating blackness, which the Prime Minister couldn’t be bothered to attend. In other words, his actions implied that if they sent Celina to a “Black” event or to take pictures with “Black people,” then people would see the Prime Minister was pro-Black. Celina was never called upon for her skill set and talent as a businesswoman. Instead, she was used for photo ops when it served Trudeau. Rightfully so, she felt devalued, belittled and exploited, and left the Liberals in 2019. Before accepting her resignation, our dear Trudeau spoke to her personally and asked if she could delay her resignation because he “already had two women quit on him in the last few months, and it just wouldn’t look good.” If three-time Black Face isn’t enough to convince you that this man is nothing but a joke to the anti-racism movement, reading about how he treated Caesar-Chevannes — and turned a blind eye to how others treated her — during her time in Cabinet might do the trick! You can learn about her political journey in her book, Can You Hear Me Now? 

“Mother-f*cker, who the f*ck do you think you’re talking to?” Caesar-Chevannes to Justin Trudeau upon resigning

COVID-19 Free Spending Spree

We can’t fault Justin Trudeau for the spread of COVID-19 or the declaration of a pandemic. Still, we can judge his leadership during “tough times”, and I unabashedly judge him for the jobs lost, the businesses closed, and the devaluation of our Canadian dollar through reckless and thoughtless spending, freely giving away AND printing more money. In addition, he incited fear, hate and divisiveness among all Canadians, pinning everyone against each other when we should have supported each other regardless of our views on COVID-19 or the vaccine. We’re all human and adults (except for the children), yet we acted like animals towards one another and haven’t recovered from that dark period. If the pandemic proved anything, our government is a disgrace on both the domestic and international stages. 

The Prime Minister had a whole term (four years) before the pandemic to address the inequality and disproportionality marginalized people faced in Canada within his jurisdiction, such as small businesses, housing, federal funding, sponsorships, reforming the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Veteran support, and most importantly JOBS! Dear God, what do these politicians do all day if not actively addressing these issues? Don’t tell me it’s because he had a minority government. After all, up until 2019, this imbecile had a majority — by a landslide, might I add — and a mouth full of empty promises. Many Indigenous people of Canada still have no drinking water! Where are the human rights in that?! The problem is that this government is focused more on performing for the globe than actually doing the work they’re PAID to do through OUR tax money. Yes, I’m ANGRY.

Justinflation: Jobs, groceries and cost of living

If you followed my political campaign in 2019, you would have noticed my slogan was “Jobs, groceries and cost of living.” Before anything else, a government should be required to support its people in finding employment, establishing affordable provisions and maintaining a reasonable cost of living. I say this because whether we want to admit it or not, nobody gives a rat’s ass about anyone’s social causes when they’re broke and in survival mode. Remember what I wrote in my post, Enough With The Woke Shit Already: Everyone’s a liberal until they run out of money. If you can’t even take care of yourself and your family and you’re on the brink of becoming homeless, do you honestly think you’re going to care about whose kids got free access to sports and recreational activities? That is a f*cking luxury we can no longer afford. I’m not exaggerating, we are at the point where eggs are being dealt like cocaine on the streets, and chicken is costing people their right arm. The shelves in pharmacies are bare, and people are fighting over whose kids are more worthy of medication. It’s like the COVID-19 Toilet Paper fiasco times 1000 out there!

One of my favourite taglines coined by The Opposition, Conservative Leader Pierre Poillievre, is Justinflation! Still, it’s no laughing matter. The aftermath following Trudeau’s recklessness during the pandemic will take years, if not decades, to repair. I’m talking about:

  • Unemployment due to lost business
  • Unreasonably expensive groceries because of poor import/export regulations
  • High-interest rates — that are still rising — and will lead to a housing market crash by 2024 (the writing is on the wall)
  • Insanely high and unaffordable rent costs
  • Terrible airport traffic
  • Shortage of medication
  • Government administration backlog
  • A rise in poverty and the evisceration of the middle class
  • A rise in theft
  • A rise in hate crimes and divisiveness
  • A loss of faith and trust in healthcare and government
  • Many conflicts of interest ethics breaches; most recently, MP Mary Ng, Trade Minister, was found guilty of breaching the conflict of interest law
  • Need I comment about Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister, and her incompetence and conflicts of interest?

And the list goes on. It’s unacceptable that a first-world country is in such disarray when we’re supposed to be a leading example of quality living worldwide. I won’t even comment on the amount of money spent outside of Canada instead of on its people.

“Justin Trudeau is a far cry from being a statesman”

Those are just a couple of my cents on Justin Trudeau’s government and leadership. I have so much more to say, but I’m sure you all have better things to do on a Sunday evening than to read my preaches. In Part Two of this post, I’ll cover my views on the Conservative Leader, Pierre Pollievre, and why I believe a change is necessary, even if we disagree on whether or not it’s the best call. Besides, what choice do we have? I mean, we could just let Trudeau drive this country to bankruptcy.

As a final remark, I’ll leave you with one of my favourite reporting on Justin Trudeau’s leadership. The International Community is not blind to the circus show in our Parliament. Bless your heart, Palki Sharma!

“High on style, but not so much on substance.”


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