Sunday Preach is a blog site meant to share out-of-the box perspectives and opinions of what’s going on in Canada and the United States. In an age where views are becoming overwhelmingly polarized, and leaving little to no room for compromise, Sunday Preach offers a haven for the politically and socially centre-leaning individuals who may see the silver lining in both conservative and liberal values.

Political Commentator and Founder of Sunday Preach, Hazar Alsabagh, started her preaches after discovering that most mainstream (social) media platforms promote polarizing views and contribute in building echo chambers to capitalize on politically-polarized wars. This meant that the centre is further silenced and left out of important conversations such as domestic and foreign social issues, because views that are not so black-and-white are seen as non-inflammatory, boring and non-profitable to the Big Tech Industry. It’s probably safe to assume, however, that many are now looking for a little bit of centre, reasoning, boring and perhaps a splash of unpopular edge. After all, just as how life is not black-and-white or left-and-right, neither are perspectives.

Hazar Alsabagh, Political Commentator and Founder of Sunday Preach

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